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Investing Together

Superior risk-adjusted returns.

Access to high-yield, asset-backed investment opportunities.

Alignment of interest.

We are investors as well as lenders, and co-invest in loans, pari-passu alongside our clients.

Access to an attractive asset class through an experienced team.

We are a highly experienced team that lets you invest with confidence.

An attractive alternative for sophisticated investors

As an investment class, the Switzerland property sector continues to remain a staple in any well-diversified portfolio.  Naturally, the sector has continued to evolve, offering new avenues for gaining exposure to the market.  Af-Service AG lending has experienced a significant growth in popularity, providing investors with exposure to global real-estate along with the security that asset-backed lending offers.

Af-Service AG provides opportunities for sophisticated and high net worth investors and institutions to invest in short-term loans. Every lending solution we provide is backed by a legal charge over Swiss property. Alignment of interest with our investors is part of our ethos, and we are committed to co-invest alongside our investors, demonstrating our confidence in the investments we select.  With us, you get access to a secure investment opportunity with superior risk-adjusted returns, backed by a team with decades of experience.

Secure, risk-adjusted investment opportunities

Achieving superior, risk-adjusted returns with active investment management strategies has become more difficult in recent years.  The Af-Service AG team combines our experience in property development and lending with a proactive investment approach, ensuring our clients find investment solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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Meet the Af-Service AG team

The team at Af-Service AG has decades of experience in property investing and asset-backed lending, as well as development. As a lean, dedicated team, we work closely with our clients to ensure their success.

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